You'll want to consider many different factors to ensure that the drill press you choose is the best for your projects and work environment. If your work environment is a garage, the best drill press for you will be different than if your work environment is a professional workshop for instance. If you're an at home DIY enthusiast a benchtop drill press will probably suit you best, but for those of you that are pro wood workers then you might want something more hefty!

To get an idea of what drill press is right for you we will go over the basics. Such as answering questions like, what is a drill press, what different types are available, which type of drill bit should I use, and much more. Essentially the drill press is just like any other power drill except for that it is mounted to a large base unit to add additional features. These features include things like greater accuracy, and efficiency using the depth stop features. They also have a lot more power thanks to the leverage they allow. The base of the drill press is the stable part that sits flat on your work surface, whether that be the floor, your desk, or work bench. There is also a column that goes all the way from the base to the head. The size of the motor on a drill press, generally, is much larger than that of a normal power drill. This way benchtop drill presses are able to drill holes much faster and more accurately.

Now you should have some ideas about the basics of what a drill press is. Let's dive further into this topic by looking at the factors you need to consider before you buy a drill press for your workshop. the first thing to look for is that the drill press is quality made, that means it should have a cast iron base and heavy duty rust resistant parts so that it lasts you forever. Most good drill presses like the SKIL 3320 are built in a very sturdy way. The next thing to consider is the size of your drill press. the size you choose will depend upon how much space you have to put your drill press in. Those working in a full sized garage or workshop may consider installing a fully fledged professional grade drill press, on the other hand if you are just a hobbyist playing with drilling you probably don't have so much room to put your drill press.

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